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“There’s a park!” I pointed at the black car which had it’s reverse brakes on. “Looks like tonight’s our lucky night.” The restaurant we had booked for dinner was notorious for it’s amazing Indian food, and finding parking near it was consequently always a mission; usually we would have to park at least a couple of blocks away, but this space happened to be right outside.

Eugene swiftly pulled into the newly vacated lot, and we both climbed out of the car. “We’re a few minutes early,” he commented as he glanced at his watch “The restaurant doesn’t even open for another fifteen minutes”.

“That’s okay. Mel texted and said she and Kevin have arrived already, may as well meet them by the front door,” I said as I rounded the vehicle and took his outstretched hand.

We walked to the front entrance and greeted our friends, falling into a natural conversation with each other.

At one point, a cold breeze swept past and I shivered, putting my hands into my pockets. I didn’t think anyone had noticed, but without breaking stride in his dialogue, Eugene opened his coat and tucked me close to his side.

My heart melted. True love was small moments like these.

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